Saturday, 1 September 2012

Target Express sale announced by liquidators

THE JOINT LIQUIDATORS of the Target Express freight company have announced a deal with Masterlink Logistics for the sale of certain aspects of the company.
It was announced at the start of this week that Target Express was ceasing trading. Staff subsequently launched a sit-in protest over their unpaid wages, saying they had not been forewarned of the closure.
Masterlink says that it intends to re-employ as many of the Target Express workforce as possible, but that it is too soon to determine how many it can employ.
The company said this evening that the number of jobs it can provide “will necessarily be dependent on customer support for the former Target Express business”.
“However, Masterlink Logistics will be seeking to restore as many of the jobs that were lost earlier this week as possible, and in that respect will be in immediate contact with all of the key customers, many of whom have found interim solutions, and will appeal to them to reinstate their business.”

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