Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Taoiseach's 'behaviour you might see a teenager doing'

The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has been criticised for disrespecting the Pope after he was captured on video playing with his phone during an audience with the Pontiff.

Mr Kenny was part of a delegation from the Christian Democrat International political grouping which met with the Pope last week.

In video footage, he is seen to be thumbing through his phone throughout Pope Benedict's speech.

When the speech ends and other leaders stand to applaud, the Taoiseach continues leafing through his phone prompting the criticism.

Michael Kelly, Deputy Editor of the Irish Catholic, has said the footage is "bizarre".

Mr Kelly said: "Even when the speech is ended the delegation that was there for the meeting get up for a round of applause, the Taoiseach is still playing with his phone and takes to his feet with the other delegates but still has his phone in his hand.

"It is quite bizarre behaviour I would have thought, not just for a meeting with the Pope but for any meeting with anyone. It is the kind of behaviour you might see a teenager doing once and check them on in the hope that they won't do it again."

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