Thursday, 20 September 2012

Róisín Shortall tensions with Minister Reilly

Primary Care Minister Róisín Shortall, whose relationship with Reilly has been the subject of some scrutiny, did not mention the Minister’s name once during her statement or express any support for him, instead focusing on her portfolio and the need for reform in the health service.
“Reform must be made in the best interests of patients,” she told the Dáil saying that decisions made in the coming months would be crucial to the future direction of the health service.
Later fellow junior health minister, Kathleen Lynch was highly critical of Fianna Fáil shouting at one stage, “the cheek of you” and accusing the opposition of having “brass necks” while stating that she had “every confidence” in the Minister, though not mentioning him by name.
Fianna Fáil’s Dara Calleary noted the contribution of Shortall when he spoke towards the end of the debate, stating:  ”She never mentioned  you once.”
Later the party’s health spokesperson, Billy Kelleher, who proposed the motion also picked up on Shortall’s statement saying that it was “an open letter” to the Minister, later adding: ”You have failed and you have failed fundamentally.”
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