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Public Service Allowances - What they get!

A Review of Public Sector Allowances and given us some insight into what some Public Sector Workers are in receipt off.

Below are Allowances they want to keep.

  • The Saturday allowance and the Sunday premia payment
  • Both shift and unsocial hour Allowances
  • The allowance payable to keyholders (ie those on call) across various sectors e.g. Chester Beatty’s six keyholders as there is no 24-hour security
  • The Eating on Site allowance which is paid as compensation for lunch breaks taken away from designated base
  • Dirty Money is still to be paid for undertaking certain dirty duties, including sewerage facilities, landfill, removal of deal animals.
  • Visiting Teachers Allowance to those teaching the visually impaired and hearing impaired
  • The Secure Unit Allowance/Disturbed Adolescent Allowance payable to teachers working in children’s detention centres
  • The allowance paid to teachers with 35 years service or more
  • The allowance for the July Provision Scheme Management paid to one staff member in Special schools where there is a summer programme
  • The allowance for the SNA July Programme
  • The script marking allowances in Institutes of Technology only
  • The Foreign Language Proficiency Allowance paid to those with NATO-standard proficiency
  • The ‘In-Charge’ Allowance payable to those in the Naval Service
  • Aid to the Civil Authority paid at a per day-rate of between €49.76 and €99.60 for those helping outside normal hours of duty e.g. during flood or snow relief
  • Change of Station Allowance arising from a mandatory move
  • Fire Protection Pay for those on duty at Government buildings. It is paid at a daily rate of €5.06
  • Explosive Ordance Duty Allowance of over €90 paid daily to personnel engaged in 24-hour bomb disposal work
  • Overseas Allowances for both peace support and missions
  • Allowance for those performing duty at Portlaoise prison
Local Government
  • The allowance for the Water and Sewerage Caretaker
  • The allowance for extra duties carried out by the Water Safety Development Officer
  • The allowance paid to employees who are on call for out of hours emergency road gritting and salting operations
Garda Sector
  • Allowances for those appointed as Scenes of Crime Examiners
  • Allowances for Immigration officers
  • Dog Handler Allowance
  • Public Holiday Allowance
  • Boot Allowance
  • Plain Clothes Allowance
  • Uniform Cleaning Allowance
  • Detective Allowance
  • An allowance for those 34 drivers working in the Ministerial pool
  • Sleep-in overnight allowance
  • The allowance to employees who participate in the Assisted Admissions Tea
  • The allowance for advanced paramedics for those who meet the qualifying criteria
Irish Prisons Service
  • The allowance for the National Head Chaplain
  • Payment for attending Core Hours of duty
  • Dog Handler Allowance
  • Various allowances for those on duty at Dublin Airport
  • The allowance for the Joint Investigation Unit
  • The out-of-hours allowance for the Press Officer of the Irish Prison Service
  • The out-of-hours allowances for duties relating to sentence management
  • Private Secretary allowances for supreme court and high court judges
  • The allowance for the call out of the State Pathologist
Social Protection
  • The allowance for the Special Investigation Unit which probes suspect fraudulent activities
  • The Call Out Availability Allowance paid to the manager of the local office
Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine
  • Assistant Manager and Farm Manager at Longtown Farm
  • Pesticides Allowance
  • The Special Investigation Unit Allowance
  • The Post-Mortem Room Allowance
Office of Public Works
  • The allowance paid to three senior clerk of works to work at a higher level of responsibility at the Mechanical & Electrical Section – Special Duty
Central Statistics Office
  • The mobile phone allowance of €12.70 per month so the pricing liaison officer can contact the office and the 90 price collectors off-site
  • A €1,728 allowance for the pricing liaison officer for training price collectors and carrying out quality control checks
  • The allowance for service attendants’ extra duties
Road Safety Authority
  • Transport Officer Allowance
  • Atypical Working Hours Allowance
  • Training Allowance for driving testers
  • Vehicle Inspector Allowance
National Museum of Ireland
  • IT Allowance for the provision of support at the museum site in Castlebar
  • Senior Sales Allowance
Chester Beatty
  • Uniform allowance for shoes, socks and dry-cleaning
  • Box making/Microfilming Allowance give to those carrying out duties to preserve collections
  • Supervisor Higher Duty (Cleaning) allowance for maintaining rosters and ordering stock
Ordnance Survey Ireland
  • Flight Allowance
  • Flight Manager’s Flying Allowance
Health and Safety Authority
  • Call out allowance
  • Responsibility Allowance
  • Regional Managers Allowance
  • Staff Officers Allowance
  • Admin Grade 2 Allowance
  • College Principal Allowance
  • Head of Department Allowance
  • Programme Leader Allowance
  • Grade 3 Higher Allowance
  • Enterprise Leader
  • College Staff Officers Allowance
And now for the Allowances they want to get rid off

In education:
  • Allowance for moving to and living on an island to teach, or for teaching through Irish (although it’s being kept for teaching through Irish at the Military College in the Curragh and current teachers)
  • Allowance to school principals who act as secretary on a Board of Management
  • Allowance for certain Youthreach Personnel and instructors in outdoor education centres or for teaching adult literary, some adult education courses
  • Allowance for academics who have a higher degree, medical qualification than those needed to teach certain courses
  • Allowance given to a staff teacher for advance prep of the summer programme (July scheme) for children with autism and learning disabilities (voluntary managers of the July scheme get to keep this)
  • Stocktaking allowance for teaching and non-teaching employees in schools andtelephone allowance to general operatives in schools -for having a telephone in case you need to be contacted out of hours.
  • Rent allowance
  • Clerical allowance
  • Grant for promotion exam
  • Radiobicycletransport, locomotion allowance
  • Allowance for motor technician skills
  • Allowance for having midwifery qualification, RGN in the community, being nurse tutor
  • Trainer allowance
  • Second opinion allowance
  • Dual responsibility allowance
  • Special allowance for weekend public holidays
  • Allowance for consultants continuing medical education allowance
  • Living out allowance
  • Community and cardiac allowance
  • Entertainment allowances
  • Chaplain’s housekeeping allowance
  • Underwear and night attire allowance
  • Allowances for NCO account holders
  • Allowance for a health and safety officer
  • Allowance for being editors of Connect and Cosantoir publications
Local government:
  • Dual duties allowances (the only one abolished – according to their own submission, it’s only payable in a small number of cases)
  • Rent allowance
  • Allowance for court escortlaundressnurse officer allowance, hospital orderly, being a clerk to certain committees
  • Callout allowance
  • Plain clothes (for certain grades)
  • Tuck shopbaker, locking area allowances
Courts service:
  • Chief clerk in circuit offices allowance, HEOs in district courts
  • Family law (in Limerick and Cork CC) and registrar allowances
Legal Aid Board:
  • Managing Solicitor Grade 1 loses allowances
Agriculture, Food and Marine:
  • Special edition allowance, livestock allowance, synchrolift allowance (that’s for operatives of a certain type of shiplift to you and I)
  • Housing allowance for harbourmasters
Office of Public Works:
  • Allowance for sitting on a committee
Taoiseach’s office:
  • Clothing allowance
  • Allowance for the personal assistant to the Taoiseach’s private office (this was an extra allowance to make up for “the demands, heavy workload, confidentiality and responsibility attaching to this post, which involves regular contact with the Chief of Staff and Special Advisers”.)
Chief State Solicitor’s Office:
  • Allowance for the assistant Chief State Solicitor
Central Statistics Office:
  • Bus allowance (this was given to the six full-time passenger counters who worked at Dublin Airport) and travel allowance (this was given to two part-timers in this job who travelled more than five miles to work)
  • Passenger Card Inquiry allowance (This was again to the six full-time passenger enumerators who handed out survey cards to travellers an dhelped them fill them out).
  • Accommodation and chefs allowance
  • Project Office Allowance
  • Allowance for the secretary taking council minutes
Higher Education Authority:
  • Acting allowance
  • Allowances for those carrying out duties higher than their normal grade
State Examinations Commission:
  • Reproduction unit allowance – that’s for clerical staff who typeset exam question papers – it’s to “cover the confidential nature of the work”.
Road Safety Allowance:
  • Bus allowance for three Dublin-based service officers – it was a legacy arrangement from when driver-testing was part of the Dept of Transport and these officers had to bring post from the test centre to the Custom House.
  • Supervisory Higher Duty allowance
Shannon Development:
  • Travel allowance for those staff resident outside Shannon
  • Special allowance for those in senior management
  • Allowance for telephone duties.

You can view the Allowances at the governments website below

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