The latest Quarterly National Household Survey was released this morning from the CSO. It clearly illustrates the further deterioration of the jobs market in this country, despite all the spin and propaganda from the government and the media.

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Page 8 Table 1 shows that

There are 33,400 less people in employment from March 2011

There are 31,700 less people in Full time employment.

Of the 1,787,900 that are currently still in employment, 150,900 are categorised as underemployed, an increase of 17,800 from March 2011.

A total of 51,200 have been displaced from losing employment altogether (33,400) and those who remain in employment from March 2011 have been relegated to underemployment.

This is an addition from the Census in April 2011, linked here

Census 2011: Full Time Unemployment 424,843 (19%) - U6 Unemployment 25%+

which drives the real rate over 20%.