Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I’m keeping my €41,152 Leader’s Allowance for research - Mick Wallace

INDEPENDENT TD MICK Wallace has defended his acceptance of the ‘Leader’s Allowance’ given to Independent TDs in the Dáil, saying he will use it for research into crucial issues.
In a strongly-worded statementon his Facebook page, Wallace said he would be at a disadvantage compared to all of the other TDs in the Dáil if he did not accept the allowance, which is granted to all independent TDs.
“For those who have expressed reservations about accepting the Leader’s Allowance, yes, I am availing of it, just as 100% of the other Independents have done,” Wallace said.
“The money is not for my personal use but will be used mostly for research into different issues that concern the people of Ireland. If I don’t claim it, when all the others do, I am at a disadvantage”.

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