Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ireland’s reputation is on the increase, so say G8 countries

IRELAND HAS BEEN ranked as the 15th most reputable country by members of G8, a new survey by Corporate Reputations and the Reputation Institute has found.
Included in this was an increased belief that Ireland have an effective government.
Now in its fourth year, Ireland’s placings had, until now, been dropping year on year: 11th in 2009; 14th in 2010 and 17th in 2011.
Of the 50 countries surveyed, Canada remains the most reputable, with Australia second and Sweden third.
The UK was found to be the 14th most reputable country, while the US was 23rd. Iraq remained in last place.
Speaking to, the managing director of Corporate Reputations, Niamh Boyle, believes that the results are significant:

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