Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to Make the Plebs Happy about being Taxed to the Hilt.

From Politics.ie Poster ruserious

This is not a news thread rather a commentary on what I have observed lately.

This thread wishes to explore government tactics to make them seem like the nice guys as they bring in new taxes.

On this thread, Property tax to be set at 0.25% of property value, we can see the news that the government have decided a .25% property tax is in the offering for next year onwards.
News article: Property tax to cost 0.25 per cent of house value - The Irish Times - Mon, Sep 10, 2012
THE PROPERTY tax will be pitched at 0.25 per cent of current house value, a Government source has predicted.

Now clearly, one can imagine that there will be a backlash on the government for bringing in such a charge in these times. We have all seen what happened with the cuts to Personal Assistants for the disabled when there was a massive backlash and subsequent U-Turn: Reilly folds to Labour and reverses Health cuts. Resignation imminent?

So now, the government needs a plan to prevent a backlash and come out smelling of roses after bringing in the charge!
How do they do this you ask? Bring in an external bully. Like the IMF:
IMF urges Government to cut social welfare spending - The Irish Times - Mon, Sep 10, 2012
“A suitably high level for this tax - where staff favoured around the 0.5 per cent mark - would help maximise these benefits,”
That's right folks, the mean foreigners want us to pay twice as much as our own government do

But fortunatly, our knight in shining armour is here to the rescue.
Noonan rejects IMF's proposed property tax of 0.5% house value - The Irish Times - Tue, Sep 11, 2012
Minister for Finance Michael Noonan last night rejected the IMF proposal for a property tax of 0.5 per cent of market value which he said would average €625 across the country.
Speaking in Westport he said such a property tax rate was too high and would place an onerous burden on Irish households.

Oh thank goodness FG are in Power and we only have to pay .25%...
See where I am going with this?


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  1. Excellent Analysis of a terrible Government.