Thursday, 6 September 2012

CSO’s first detailed count reveals 3,808 homeless people

THE FIRST DETAILED count of Ireland’s homeless population has revealed that 3,808 people were homeless on Census Night last year.
The data, published in the latest tranche of Census data released this morning, is the Central Statistics Office’s most comprehensive attempt yet to give an authoritative tally of Ireland’s homeless population.
Almost exactly two thirds of the homeless population on Census Night – April 10, 2011 – were male. 457 of the homeless number (12 per cent) were aged 14 and under.
64 people – including six women – were identified as sleeping rough, with the remainder being houses in temporary homeless accommodation of some sort.
992 people were identified as being ‘long term’ homeless, while 1,648 were classed as ‘emergency’ homeless – indicating that the homeless population remains relatively transient.
Dublin accounted for about 62 per cent of the homeless population, at 2,375 – though the surrounding counties of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow recorded the lowest homeless population, at 32.

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