Friday, 13 April 2012

1.5 bn paid to unsecured and unguaranteed AIB bondholders

With all the recent talk about not paying the 3 Billion in Promissory Notes, (At least until next year and forgetting that we have paid them!)  it appears another 1.5 Billion has been paid out on the quite to unsecured and un-guaranteed AIB bondholders.

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Why is the payment of €1.5bn to bondholders not news?

TODAY, WHILE RURAL schools are threatened with the loss of teachers and new figures reveal that 200,000 children in Ireland are living in poverty, €1.5 billion has been paid over to anonymous, unsecured, unguaranteed senior bondholders at AIB. 
That’s €1,100 per household in the country – or 11 times the Household Charge.
And the real tragedy is, this isn’t even ‘news’ (apart from on TheJournal).

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