Friday, 20 April 2012

Rabbitte: Ireland deserves ECB recognition


COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER PAT Rabbitte has said that Ireland deserves recognition from the European Central Bank (ECB) and other Troika partners for the “hit” it took in order to prevent a European banking crisis.
Rabbitte was reacting to the latest Ipsos MRBI poll in today’s Irish Times which indicates that support for the government has fallen sharply in recent months.
He said that he hoped that current discussions with the Troika would yield progress on the terms of Ireland’s bailout.
“The ECB in particular has not yet come out in public to acknowledge that Ireland took a hit in order to prevent he contagion in the European banking system and that we deserve some recognition for that,” he toldRTÉ’s Morning Ireland.
“I hope that the discussions that are concluding today in the latest engagement with the Troika will see some further progress to add to the changes that we’ve made already,” without expanding further on just what sort of progress can be expected from discussions.

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