Saturday, 28 April 2012

Burton says EU fiscal treaty to be 'safety net' for Ireland

The Government parties will spend about €500,000 on the fiscal treaty referendum campaign, it emerged at a joint Fine Gael and Labour event advocating a Yes vote this morning.
Fine Gael's director of elections, Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney, estimated his party would spend approximately €300,000, while Labour will spend between €100,000 and €200,000.
Labour's director of elections, Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton, said it would be "foolish" for Ireland not to have access to additional funding if required.
"I would say to people, why reject a safety net or insurance policy in relation to accessing funds?" she said.
Ms Burton said a No vote "might bewilder overseas investors". She said Labour and Fine Gael would be working closely to ensure members of the public got the information they required about the treaty.
"People will meet somebody from Fine Gael, somebody from Labour, who will talk to them about the treaty," she said.
Ms Burton said as Ireland made what she descibed as an "orderly exit" from the IMF, it needed "friendly support". She added: "I suppose in a way you might call it a safety net or water wings."

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