Friday, 20 April 2012

The ever changing name of the referendum treaty.

Yesterday was a day of various news stories, not only did we discover that the government only carry the popular opinion of just a quarter of the country we also discover that Sinn Fein are now the 2nd most popular political party in the country.

Slipped in between all that however was the launch of the Governments official propaganda  information website stability

But we at Corrupt Eire are somewhat confused. The treaty appears to be changing names on a regular basis, we understood it was the Fiscal Compact Treaty, other names we have heard are the Fiscal Union Treaty, but in more recent times it now appears to be called the Stability treaty.

A quick Google search will quickly discover that right up to last year the names Fiscal Union and Fiscal Compact treaty were being used by all members of the government, media and other groups, but the name Stability Treaty only appears to have become popular in the last month or so. In fact the cheer leading for this new name comes from government circles and another quick Google search lists Merrion Street (The governments media department) as the number one find for the use of the word stability treaty.

So whats going on?

Its quite simple when you think about it, whats obvious to us here at Corrupt Eire is that the spin doctors and advisers have finally been earning their over bloated salaries and actually advising the government on new political spin.

Think about two of the three names we mentioned.

Fiscal Union
Fiscal Compact.

What do these feel like to you?  To us they feel like an Authoritarian grouping together, a joining in union of countries. In short a loss of sovereignty as we become part of a greater European Empire Union.

Now consider the name Stability Treaty.

Over the past 4 years Ireland has suffered massive instability, what sounds better is a nice gift wrapped treaty offering stability. And there you have it, the name has been changed to fool the public into thinking the referendum is all about stability, when those shiny leaflets start coming through your doors and the posters start appearing around you home towns the word stability will be broadcasting subliminal messages to each and everyone of us. Come polling day who could really place a cross next to the words No, after all the referendum is about stability. 

And if your still finding it hard to believe the Irish Government would be playing these sort of spinning games with us just look at the picture below.

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