Friday, 27 April 2012

The new website of Fine Gael that will be on all their posters urging our Yes vote, and what does the website inform us?

For a Working Ireland. Investment, Stability Recovery, Vote YES
  • Our top priority is to get Ireland working. This Treaty will help do that. A Yes vote will encourage foreign investment and keep credit flowing for job creation.
  • By voting Yes, we will build business confidence and maintain a stable Euro which is essential for the Irish economy.
  • Ireland has worked hard to regain our reputation internationally and is once again attracting multinational investment. This Treaty will enhance our reputation further.
  • Passing The Stability Treaty will send a strong message to foreign companies about our ongoing commitment to maintaining Ireland as a stable, secure and innovative place to do business.
  • A Yes vote ensures the Irish people will continue to benefit from the job opportunities that come from foreign investment.
  • Irish people have had to work hard and make significant sacrifices to turn our country around economically. This Treaty ensures that no future Government can put our economy at risk again by spending our people’s money in a reckless and incompetent manner.
  • The Treaty also provides Ireland with access to emergency/stability funding at low interest rates should we need it in the future following our bailout program. This is the stability and certainty that Ireland needs.
  • On the 31st of May Irish people have an opportunity to take a positive step forward in safeguarding our recovery.This treaty will help ensure that we can focus on getting Ireland working again.
  • By voting Yes, we will stay focused on creating and protecting jobs, while remaining a sovereign nation, in control of our own future.
  • Recovery will take time. This Treaty will not solve all of Ireland’s problems but it is a vital and important step towards recovery in terms of responsible budgeting and securing future funding for Ireland.
VOTE YES on 31st MAY 

Havent we been here before?

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