Sunday, 29 April 2012

Highlights of the week

The included images and video`s sum up the week, a week of government spin and propaganda in trying to urge us to vote yes.

As expected the lies have begun with the message stability, jobs, recovery being pushed out by the government.  Of course this referendum has nothing to do with any of those 3 key words, in fact its all about austerity.  One would think that the Irish would be capable of electing a government that could balance the nations books and create growth. According to our government we cant and because we cant we must vote Yes in the coming referendum to have laws and rules imposed on us to FORCE an Irish government to keep within budgets.

It would be great if Irish people could see beyond the spin and corruption that flows through our government, their high wages whilst urging us to take the pain, the cuts to disabled children and the water meter scandal.  What is sure is that eventually they will run out of things to cut, what then will they do? Will they tackle the highest public servants creaming it at the top, will they look at their own wages and come to the conclusion that they earn far more than most other EU countries or will they look at the pensions of those who destroyed the country?  Whatever they do they cant do much more to those at the very bottom of life.

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