Thursday, 19 April 2012

Government launches website

The Government has this morning launched a website for theFiscal Treaty referendum.
You can see the Government's information video from the website below.

The website can be viewed at this address ,

 Statement & Video from the Government is below.


TAOISEACH: “This will be the most comprehensive government information campaign held to date for a European referendum”

In the run-up to the May 31st referendum on the Stability Treaty, a wide-ranging public information campaign has been unveiled by the Government. Its online information service was launched today by the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Minister of State for European Affairs when a website dedicated to the Stability Treaty went live. The website , available also in mobile format, has links to Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, the full text of the Stability Treaty is to be delivered to every household in the country in early May. Printed in both English and Irish, it will include a short explanatory guide. There will also be a follow-up delivery in the lead-up to polling day of a leaflet summarising the main provisions of the Treaty.

Launching in Government Buildings today, the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD said that the Government is determined to ensure that the Irish people have full information on all aspects of the Treaty

The Taoiseach said:

“This will be the most comprehensive government information campaign held to date for a European referendum. Today we have launched the website so everyone can read the Treaty and have it explained to them article-by-article. In early May, every single home in the land will receive a copy of the Treaty with explanatory material. Closer to polling day, every home will get another information note to help make their final decision as well-informed as possible.

The Stability Treaty is about investor confidence at home and abroad. It’s a framework for ensuring long-term stability, recovery and economic growth. It is about good housekeeping - managing our debt in such a way that less taxpayers’ money will go into servicing debt and more into public services and job creation initiatives. And it’s an insurance policy giving us access to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) if we need it.

Knowing the determination of the Irish people – despite great sacrifices – to restore Ireland’s economic health, I am confident that they will endorse this Treaty when they make their choice in the referendum on 31st May.”
The Tánaiste, Mr Eamon Gilmore TD said the decision to announce the the referendum date on 27 March allowed for 65 days of debate before polling day. The government’s public information campaign was being launched a full six weeks before polling day. Everything possible would be done to ensure that the Irish people are accurately and fairly informed between now and the referendum.

The Tánaiste said:

“This Government is confident that a full and thorough debate will be had on the Stability Treaty. The first article of this Treaty states that its purpose is to support sustainable growth, employment, competitiveness and social cohesion

This Treaty is about the money in our pockets - the euro we earn, the euro we spend when we can and the euro we save if we get the chance. It’s the currency our job-creators do their business in so they can keep their staff secure and hopefully employ more.

On May 31st we have a chance to make a statement that Ireland is as determined as ever to make its comeback at the heart of the eurozone.”
The Minister of State for European Affairs, Lucinda Creighton TD, promised a vigorous referendum campaign.

The Minister said:

“The Irish people need to be informed and we are responding to that need, first with the dedicated website launched today. To help everyone judge the Stability Treaty for itself, every household will be receiving a copy early next month and in very good time before polling day on 31 May.

“I, my colleagues in government and many others including civil society groups look forward to a vigorous campaign in the coming six weeks. We’re confident in our arguments in favour of the Treaty – Ireland at the heart of the eurozone and Europe, a stable euro for our people and our employers, certainty for our investors and responsible budgeting by our governments. Those opposing the treaty offer nothing but huge uncertainty and risk”.

The Following video`s are a tribute to the lies of the government


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