Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Number of private landlords owning over 100 homes apiece leaps by nearly 50% in two years


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The tug of war between private landlords and tenants and the rents struck between the two is of constant interest on here as rents are one of the predictors of property values. Private rents in Irelandare now increasing at 4% per annum according to the latest CSO inflation figures, but we wait to see if the reductions in rent assistance allowances provided by the Department of Social Protection which were announced in January 2012 will have any knock-on effect on private rents. Meanwhile last week, we had confirmation in a series of questions and answers in the Dail  that there is no sign of the number of landlords reducing or of a concentration in the control of rented residential property. The figures were provided in the context of Ireland’s Non Principal Private Residence charge, a €200 per annum charge introduced in 2009 which applies to practically all second and more residential dwellings in the State – there is a very small list of exemptions .

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