Friday, 19 October 2012

The Irish are about to blow on this news of no retrospective bank debt deal.

The Irish are about to blow on this news of no retrospective bank debt deal. This is in the context of seven austerity budgets, police sargents living on cornflakes due to being over stretched by mortgages and fuel prices and a €6BN Anglo promissory note to be paid next year.
The radio is chocker full of talk back talking about financial war and middle class hakles are raised while hurleys are being polished.
We only deserve it if we take it. There was another occasion in history when Ireland was destroyed because of the economic orthodoxy of another country and that was the famine. Have you ever wondered how they put up with it or what you would have done in their position. We are about to find out. This is the most serious injustice done to us since the famine and while we won’t starve we will see mass-immigration and we still won’t be able to pay the debt. It’s a lunatic policy to even try. No more. If FG/Lab can’t do what is required then they should resign now.

So while Time magazine and others eulogize the plucky leader of the Irish people, the truth is that Enda Kenny leads a Vichy government—captive externally to creditors that still insist on loading bank debt onto the sovereign, and internally to a tribe of insiders led by union godfathers in a deal that protects the government’s own excessive pay and pensions while bankers lean over its shoulders to rewrite insolvency laws.
This isn’t just crony capitalism. It’s crony democracy.

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