Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Cost of IDA funded jobs.

Cost per job sustained inclusive of all IDA Ireland expenditure for the year 2011 was €14,202

Employment gains in IDA supported companies for the year 2011
Full time 11,594
Part time, temps, and contract 1,474

Source IDA

It cost €164.66 million to "buy" the 11,594 new full time jobs created by IDA supported companies in 2011.
It would have cost €67million more in welfare payments.
If the hidden extras were included would we, the tax payer, be any better/worse off?

I did not include part timers, contractors and temps in the final costs, just the 11,594 new full time posts. See post 1016.
IDA Ireland release all their end of year reports on their website.

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