Sunday, 21 October 2012

Deal off deal on. WTF is going on?

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke together this afternoon.

They discussed the unique circumstances behind Ireland’s banking and sovereign debt crisis, and Ireland’s plans for a full return to the markets. In this regard they reaffirmed the commitment from June 29th to task the

Eurogroup to examine the situation of the Irish financial sector with a view to further improving the sustainability of the well performing adjustment programme.

They recognise in this context, that Ireland is a special case, and that the Eurogroup will take that into account.  

‘Ireland is a special case’: Kenny and Merkel commit to improving bailout

Well this looks more positive.

That said only appear to be covering this statement, nothing on RTE or the Taoiseach`s website.

But at least it confirms that kenny has been actually doing something this weekend in trying to secure a deal for us.

hopefully this will be sorted fairly soon otherwise its just more hot air.

Hopefully this isnt just spin, but if it is  One good thing may come from this.

Enda clearly has been feeling the pressure all weekend, Obviously he has had to get off his lazy arse and contact Merkel and somehow manage to get her to make a statement about us being special.
Hopefully Enda may now realise that when backed into a corner the Germans also cave in and if he pushed harder for a deal we may just get one.

Time to fight Mr Kenny and force something from them. No more Mr Nice guy, the milky bar kid is in town.

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