Thursday, 3 May 2012

Referendum Commission site live. Questions about wording and message.

Subliminal message?

Vote Yes or No. - Vote Yes.

The Independent Chairman of the Referendum Commission has confirmed that Ireland would be cut off from one source of EU funding if people reject the EU Fiscal Treaty.
However Mr. Justice Kevin Feeney says its a matter for political debate as to whether other sources of funding would be available in the event of a No vote.
Opponents to the treaty claim the European Union and the International Monetary Fund would not deprive Ireland of emergency funding if the Treaty is rejected.
But Commission Chairman Judge Kevin Feeney says it is not within his remit to say if other sources of funding would be available to Ireland after the vote.
“It is in the preamble – and that identifies that one of the sources of funding which Ireland is currently availing of will not be available” he said.
“In relation to the other sources, the Treaty is silence”.
“Whether or not those sources are available is a matter for discussion and debate outside the ambit of this Commission, and absolutely in the ambit of the press and the media” he added.

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