Tuesday, 22 May 2012

No sittings: Dáil in recess all next week

THE DÁIL IS to take a five-day recess next week ahead of Thursday’s fiscal compact referendum and Friday’s count.
There will be no Dáil or Seanad sittings after Friday, May 25. The next sitting will be Tuesday, 5 June.
Although the proposal still has to be agreed in the Dáil on Thursday, Leinster House is preparing for a week’s break, starting Monday.
It is understood that no party will object to the time off.
TDs were scheduled to have the week from 4 to 8 June off after the Bank Holiday weekend but it was thought more appropriate to move this forward, giving both the Yes and No sides more freedom to campaign.
Various parties did not take issue with the recess as it give time for TDs to get back to their constituencies to address various issues arising from the referendum and fiscal compact.

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